Yuexiu Group RMB 10 Billion Renewable Corporate Bonds & RMB 5.5 Billion Ordinary Corporate Bonds Have Been Approved Successfully
Release Date:2020-01-19 10:50:00

On January 15, Yuexiu Group's RMB 10 billion renewable corporate bonds and RMB 5.5 billion ordinary corporate bonds were successfully approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). The approval of the amount of corporate bonds will further broaden the financing channels of Yuexiu Group, enrich the varieties of direct financing, and also reflect the recognition of Yuexiu Group by the regulatory authorities.

Renewable corporate bonds, also known as perpetual bonds, refer to a kind of securities in which the exchange market does not stipulate the maturity period and the creditor cannot demand repayment, but can obtain interest on schedule. The renewable corporate bonds can be fully included in the owner's equity, reduce the enterprise's asset liability ratio, and provide capital for enterprise project construction.

During the declaration process of corporate bonds, the Group actively communicated with CSRC and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and obtained the approval of Yuexiu Group from CSRC in combination with the construction theme of the Greater Bay Area. The approval of the amount of corporate bonds will further improve the financial stability of Yuexiu Group, enhance the open market image of Yuexiu Group, and provide ample space for the subsequent financing and development of Yuexiu Group.